Countess Mountbatten stamp cover, a treasure

I wanted to share a bit of history since the passing of Patricia, Countess Mountbatten – a stamp cover she signed for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

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I acquired this stamp cover during the Golden Jubilee celebrations. It would be wonderful to say that she signed it for me personally; alas, it was one of several – yet limited – signed copies. It was a lovely piece to add to my collection because Countess Mountbatten was a great character. Not to mention that her father, Lord Mountbatten, was an incredibly interesting character himself. Mountbatten was known to be a bit vain, and though he was unstuffy, he did love his titles. So much, in fact, that he got special dispensation from the Crown to pass his title to Patricia, his eldest daughter. In this way, Mountbatten was quite progressive; the Queen herself did not amend the male-only succession to the throne until 2011.

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Royal Birthday Stamp Covers

Celebrate the Royal birthdays with these special new stamp covers from Buckingham Covers.

Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth has acted as a strong guiding moral leader, as well as inspiring tolerance and kindness in others, with her recent state visit to Ireland as just one of many examples. She shows no sign of slowing down, so join us on donning our caps to celebrate Her Majesty’s 85th birthday.

Queen Elizabeth II

Purchase the cover for Her Majesty’s 85th birthday here. For the 2011 Royal Wedding covers, click here.

Alongside Her Majesty’s 85th birthday, we are also celebrating Prince Philip’s 90th birthday and have created a beautiful commemorative cover to pair up with our Queen Elizabeth cover.

Prince Philip, both before and during his tenure as Queen consort, has shown the utmost dedication to his people and his country. To celebrate his incredible 90th birthday this year, we have produced a stunning commemorative cover honouring the Duke of Edinburgh.

Purchase the Prince Philip birthday cover here.

The Royal Wedding Anniversary

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The good people at Bletchley Park and I are offering a new stamp cover for another special occasion!

HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary next month (20th November). I have had the privilege to design this stamp cover also, in celebration of such a great milestone.

I look forward to its release and hope you enjoy it, too.

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