It’s summer! Let the royal work commence.

Summer break is here! Am I road-tripping?


Well, I’ll be traveling a little, but mostly I will be back at work writing, drawing, and offering commentary all throughout the summer months. Am I excited? You’d better believe it. I love my job as a teacher assistant, but the royal world excites me like nothing else, career-wise. Now, the time has come to get back into all of that. Keep an eye out for some great things. Onward!

– Mandy

Mandysroyalty now on Vine

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Yes, the rumors are true. I’m on Vine!

You can find me there as, of course, mandysroyalty.

I like making videos, but I find that I don’t have the time to really sit and perform. Vine is a handy, on-the-go video creation tool. Something in the news? I’ll comment. Vine is the Twitter of YouTube, short and sweet. Let’s see if I’m up to the challenge of 6 second commentary!

– Mandy


Hi everyone,

After a very hectic few months, I am back on the scene. It’s been a tough time: my grandfather has been in the hospital with double pneumonia. Of course we’ve been doing everything we can for him, as well as take care of baby (now 4 months!).

I will be back to work in the coming days. It looks like 2014 may be a really good baby year with the Cambridge and Tindall babies both growing up together and doing new things all the time. Not to mention the newest Grimaldi over in Monaco – Charlotte Casiraghi’s new baby love, Rafael. He is also buddies with his cousin, Sacha (Alexandre), son of Charlotte’s brother Andrea. Which begs the question: is it down to the Casiraghis to sire the next rulers of Monaco? Or will Uncle Albert have a child of his own with wife Princess Charlene?

Stay tuned for more royal news here in the coming weeks. Baby news, the happenings with the Queen’s fortune, Australia wanting to change the flag, and more! One has an opinion on things going on, and one is going to voice them. ;)


New Beginnings

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Big new beginnings here in our house! Our baby girl was born September 26th, and she weighed in at 6 lbs 12 oz, at 20″ long. We are all ecstatic and are so glad that she is here!

Now that we are in a good routine, I hope to continue some writing and some royal news videos. They will probably be sporadic, but I will do everything I can to produce new content!

This week, I will be drawing the winner for the September raffle! Entries are also being accepted for October.

Thanks to everyone for all of your kind support and words of encouragement. We’re very happy and are certainly enjoying our new little bundle!


Pregnancy With The Duchess of Cambridge

Ah, pregnancy! No matter who you are or what you do, pregnancy affects us ladies in a lot of the same ways. Even when different symptoms arise, we are all sympathetic to each other in the cause of bringing new life into the world.

Pregnancy With The Duchess of Cambridge: Issue #1

When my morning sickness came upon me, I began to think about what the Duchess of Cambridge must’ve gone through when she had Hyperemesis gravidarum (that’s the fancy Latin term for “most gross morning sickness”). She was apparently sick enough to have to go to the hospital, for which I did not envy her.

A pregnant woman

What’s going on in there? ©Wikipedia

“Will I react that way? How often does this happen to people?” I wondered out loud to no one in particular. As it turns out, I did not have morning sickness in that way. No, I am one of the ones who has had a solid knot of nausea to contend with 24/7 for four solid weeks. I could barely eat crackers and toast at the start. Everything smelled horrible or weird (and still does to a degree) since my nose became hypersensitive to everything. Think of Superman’s super strength or super vision, and apply that same idea to my nasal passages. Dear God.

Those phantom odors would not leave me, and it distressed my husband. He had no idea what I was smelling, so he cleaned everything. My mother did, too. It was to no avail. I couldn’t escape this weird symptom of pregnancy.

While it wasn’t HG, it was a heck of a lot to contend with when your job involves being in a high school around hundreds of kids. Not to mention having to whiff their culinary oddities emanating from the Food and Nutrition labs.


Pregnancy With The Duchess of Cambridge: Issue #2

Now for gender. It has been rumored that the Duchess of Cambridge has discovered the sex of her baby. While out and about during one royal visit, the Duchess accepted a stuffed teddy bear for her child. She was about to refer to the baby by gender, sputtering out a “d” sound and quickly stopping short. The gift giver excitedly reported the slip and hinted to the media  that the Queen’s newest great-grandchild might be a princess.

I will be finding out the sex of my baby, too. My husband wants to be surprised, but he said if someone gives the game away, it’s not a big deal. Thank goodness for that, because I know for sure that I would slip up. Poor Kate; it must be really hard to avoid pronouns, and at the same time not refer to your child as an inhuman-sounding “it”. Maybe a nickname? Chuckles? Peanut? Bebe? The possibilities are endless.

What will happen next? It’s an all new adventure for the both of us. Stay tuned!

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