• Joachim and Marie Make The Move To Copenhagen

    As you all probably know by now, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark are departing from Schackenborg castle for Copenhagen this summer. It is a permanent move.

    Joachim and Marie have given up full-time residency and ownership of the castle. They are currently staying at Amalienborg in Copenhagen with the rest of the royals, but soon they’ll be heading to their permanent home. Below, their new private main residence:

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    Not too shabby, eh?

    This new house is lovely, though I really love Schackenborg and admire its unique structure. The wings along the side of the main building and the long driveway, the surrounding park, and the general area is so beautiful! I know they will probably miss it. I would!

    UPDATE: according to BT.dk, the royal couple’s new villa is located in Klampenborg, just north of Copenhagen. The residence will certainly hold the prince’s family very comfortably – it is 344 square meters (3702 square feet)!


    Joachim transferred control of Schackenborg as of July 1, 2014. The “Schackenborg Foundation” was created by Joachim along with the Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation, Ecco Holding, and Ole Kirk’s Foundation. Their Royal Highnesses have been retained as patrons.

    According to the Danish monarchy’s official website, the estate was turned over to the foundation due to Joachim’s difficulty in maintaining the palace and farmland along with his other work across Denmark and abroad.

    Both Prince Joachim and Princess Marie have stated that they will always maintain a close connection to Møgeltønder and Southern Jutland. Happily, as patrons of the new foundation, this means that the couple will occasionally reside in the palace for short periods during the year.

    “Princess Marie and I are happy about the solution we have reached with the founders of the new foundation. It has been a difficult decision to transfer Schackenborg, but I am convinced that we, with this solution, ensure Schackenborg’s future in the best way possible,” – Prince Joachim.

    The official site also mentions that the couple is moving for family obligations. This most likely means that they want to be closer to Joachim’s elder sons as well as be support to Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik.

    About Schackenborg Castle

    The castle is named for the Schack family, who held the castle for eleven generations. In 1978, the castle was turned over to the Danish royal family. Management of the castle and surrounding land was given to Prince Joachim in 1993, and he resided there as a ‘farmer prince’ ever since.

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  • Princess Marie of Denmark: 4 Things You Need To Know

    Princess Marie of Denmark

    Princess Marie of Denmark

    Going from commoner to royal isn’t easy, but Princess Marie of Denmark makes it look effortless. How, you ask? Here are four things that make Marie a star in the world of royalty:

    Marie comes from an outgoing family

    During an interview, Marie’s brother Gregory revealed that they grew up in a talkative family who like to meet new people. Definitely a plus for a princess who needs to meet and greet different people every day!

    Marie gets along famously with her royal in-laws.

    From the outset, the pretty brunette charmed her in-laws Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. The prince especially took a shine to her because like Marie, Henrik is also a French native. Queen Margrethe and Marie both enjoy museums and the ballet, recently attending a performance in Tivoli Gardens.

    Marie’s friendly and outgoing nature is a crucial attribute for a public person. The princess’s sunny disposition has also made her own family a warm, loving unit. Marie adores her stepsons Nikolai and Felix, and they love her. The boys get along well with their half-siblings, too. Nikolai and Felix are big brothers to little Henrik, 5, and Athena, 2, from Joachim and Marie’s marriage. They are frequently seen doting on the little ones during family outings.

    Marie is multilingual.

    Born in Paris, Marie grew up speaking both French and English. Upon her engagement to Prince Joachim, she added Danish to her language repertoire, which by then included Italian and Spanish. She can now give smooth speeches in Danish and chats easily with her adopted countrymen. Marie fits in well with the royal family: both Joachim and his elder brother, Crown Prince Frederik, speak fluent French. Queen Margrethe herself is multilingual in French, Swedish, English and German.

    Marie looks good anywhere!

    The princess has proved time and again that she can easily transition from girl-next-door to elegant royal. Whether it’s a family holiday in sporty shorts or a gala banquet with a tiara, Marie seems born to the role of a royal.

    Her story:

    Marie (née Cavallier) was born February 6, 1976 in Paris. She lived with her parents and two elder half-brothers, Gregory and Benjamin Grandet.

    Despite initial happy beginnings, Marie faced her parents’ divorce when she was still very young. It was a situation familiar to many children, but it devastated young Marie. Little did she know that her experiences would give her an understanding that would help her in her own role as a stepparent one day.

    Marie’s parents both remarried: her mother, Françoise, married Christian Grassiot in 1987. Marie got along well with her new stepfather, but never warmed to her father’s new wife. Alain Cavallier’s new marriage produced two more sons, but that would also end in divorce.

    As a child, the princess attended primary school in Paris. She then moved to the exclusive Beau-Soleil International Boarding School in Villars, Switzerland. There she made lasting friendships and had her first taste of independence. After completing her studies there, she went on to study economics in Geneva.

    Fluent in English, Marie made the decision to continue further studies in the United States. The princess studied international business and economics at Babson College in Boston, Massachusetts. After she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marymount Manhattan College in New York, Marie returned to Switzerland.

    During the autumn of 2004 Marie attended a hunting party held by friends of her stepfather. There she met the dashing Prince Joachim, younger son of Queen Margrethe. Marie and Joachim became friends and she took an immediate liking to his two small boys, Nikolai and Felix.

    The relationship did not turn serious until after Joachim’s divorce in 2005. He and Princess Alexandra, now Countess of Frederiksborg, agreed to part on good terms and remain friends for the sake of their sons.

    Not long afterwards, Joachim and Marie landed in the media. Danish tourists secretly photographed the pair during their holiday in Avignon in 2005. Despite the intrusion, they carried on as normal as possible. After a two-year courtship, the Palace announced their engagement in October 2007.

    In preparation for her new role as a Danish princess, Marie began Danish language lessons. For her history lessons, Marie toured museums, castles and churches. She got to know the people in the village of Møgeltønder, where she and Joachim would live in Schackenborg Castle. The pair married May 24, 2008.

    In subsequent interviews, Marie stated that she tread carefully with the children when she and Joachim began dating. As a child of divorce, Marie did not want to intrude on their relationship with their father nor step on their mother’s toes. Marie needn’t have worried – the boys warmed to her instantly. She and Alexandra also get along very well, and they are often seen together with their husbands for many events.

    The verdict

    Princess Marie of Denmark is definitely a royal role model. Her poise and elegance, combined with her friendly nature, makes the princess life look effortless.  The happy family life that she and Joachim have created is a testament to true love and deep friendship. The Danish royal family is very fortunate indeed.

  • Invisi-art

    Below, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark opens the Van Gogh, Gauguin, Bernard: Dramaet i Arles exhibition (Feb. 6th). I had to laugh.

    Kronprinses Mary

    Kronprinses Mary

    I wonder what the lady next to her makes of it. Er, there’s no painting there, Mary.

  • A Royal Portrait, Of Sorts. Prince Christian Isn’t Too Happy

    Painter Thomas Kluge has created a large-scale portrait of Denmark’s Royal Family, and to be honest, it’s great. His detail is exceptional, but there’s just one problem.

    Prince Christian, the eldest child of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, stands front and center looking like a badly lit actor in a black and white horror film. Kluge has painted Christian looking forlorn with eye sockets that would make E.T. proud.

    Phone home?

    The rest of the family looks forlorn, and while I’m sure Kluge intended for them to all look regal, it just doesn’t come out here. Poor, poor Christian. He just stands there as if to say, “God help me”. Probably not the message you want to send.

    What do you think of the portrait? Yay or nay?

    Tiara Tip To: Visit Copenhagen

  • Friso Passes; Marie Visits Hospital; Fergie At Balmoral | RoyaltyNow!

    Royal news and views this week:

    * Prince Friso of the Netherlands passed away on Monday, August 12th. As you all probably know, he was left severely brain damaged after being buried in an avalanche in Austria in February 2012

    * Princess Marie visited the H. C. Andersens Children’s University Hospital in Odense, Denmark. She made crafts with the children and met with the hospital staff, all of whom were charmed by her visit.

    * Fergie was spotted arriving at the Queen’s Scottish estate last weekend with ex-husband Prince Andrew and their daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.

    * The Guardian reported this week that Kate and Wills are thinking of taking baby George to Australia next year. What better way to enamor the commonwealth than by showing off their darling bub!

    * The Duke of Cambridge has said goodbye to Wales as he confirmed he would be leaving his Anglesey home and moving when his RAF posting comes to an end next month.

  • Princess Isabella Starts First Day of School

    Princess Isabella’s photo session on her first day of primary school was a success.

    The elder daughter of the Danish Crown Prince and Princess sweetly answered questions from the press pack outside Amalienborg Palace.

    Her elder brother, Prince Christian, had his first day of school photo session with his parents in the same place. Proud papa Prince Frederik even decided to wear the same denim-style blazer – for good luck perhaps?

  • Shackenborg Shake Up: Joachim Loses Control

    Shackenborg Shake Up: Joachim loses control of his race car.

    Princess Marie must’ve had a fright when her husband, Prince Joachim of Denmark, crashed while racing in the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

    Joachim’s Lotus Cortina, number 65, weaved out of control on a tricky corner and grazed a cement barrier, the car then gliding away into another barrier. Thankfully the second impact was not severe and no other cars were involved.

    The prince is a patron of – and has been an active participant in – the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix for years.

    This is not his first accident. Joachim crashed a borrowed car back in 2007 at the CHGP after the accelerator got stuck.

    A daredevil, for sure! Let’s hope his crashes remain minor.

  • The Calls For Abdication: Margrethe Resists

    Trine Villeman, journalist for the Danish media outlet Politiken, has called for the Danish queen to step down.

    Villeman is not alone. According to a poll conducted in Denmark last year, a majority of Danes want Queen Margrethe II to retire. But while the calls for abdication grow, Margrethe resists even more.

    Villeman, a long-time critic of the Danish Royal Family, has cited Queen Margrethe’s health issues as a reason for abdication. How much longer can she go on, Villeman asks, when she frequently has to cancel engagements due to severe back pain?

    English: Picture showing the Royal Family of D...

    English: Picture showing the Royal Family of Denmark during Queen Margrethe II 70th birthday, 16 April 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    But Margrethe, 73, continues to soldier on. She has brushed aside any notion of abdication despite two fellow monarchs stepping down in their own countries: Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (75) in April, and King Albert of Belgium (79) this July.

    Margrethe may be looking to the United Kingdom for strength, as her counterpart, Elizabeth II, continues the business of queenship well into her 80s. Royal consort Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, has also set a working royal precedent by continuing his duties into his 90s.

    The maladies suffered by Denmark’s queen seem very severe. The monarch is so pained by arthritis that it is now impossible for her to carry out official duties, says Villeman.

    Margrethe is resisting the pressures of age, however. During her Ruby Jubilee in 2012, there was discussion in Denmark that the queen should abdicate. Margrethe was having none of it:

    In my eyes, it’s part of the position that you have when you inherit a monarchy: It is a task you have handed down to you, and that you ?keep as long as you live, the way my father did and my grandfather ?before him.”

    What do you think? Should Queen Margrethe II of Denmark step down and allow Crown Prince Frederik the throne, or should she continue in the tradition of Queen Elizabeth II?



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