Luxembourg is to celebrate another royal wedding

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Luxembourg is to celebrate another royal wedding! The second son of Grand Duke Henri, Prince Felix, is engaged to his girlfriend, Claire Lademacher.

Miss Lademacher, 27, and Prince Felix, 28, met as students at the trés posh Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil boarding school in Switzerland (the school attended by Denmark’s Princess Marie).

They were spotted together several times over the years as a cozy couple. Two of the more recent events at which they were together: Miss Lademacher was the prince’s date at the wedding of Austria’s Archduke Imre to Kathleen Walker last September, and again at Hereditary Grand Duke Guilliaume’s wedding to Stephanie de Lannoy.

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Luxembourg’s Royal Wedding – Style Commentary

Luxembourg’s Royal Wedding – Style Commentary

On October 19th, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume married Countess Stephanie Marie Claudine Christine de Lannoy in a civil ceremony.

The Civil ceremony

The Civil ceremony
©Reuters and DailyMail

The following day, October 20th, Stephanie walked down the aisle for the religious ceremony in a classically beautiful Elie Saab wedding dress. Her hair was adorned with her family’s Lannoy tiara.

Stephanie detail


The Lannoy tiara

The Lannoy tiara (Thanks to Luxarazzi)

Stephanie’s dress was layered with delicate lace, though I had predicted that her gown’s bodice would be heavier in silk for an Autumn wedding. It is absolutely stunning, however, and I’m glad I was wrong!

According to, the dress has 50,000 beads, 50 metres of Chantilly lace, 40 metres of Calais lace, 30 metres or satin organza, and 70 metres of tulle!


The Wedding gown

The representatives of the British Royal Family, the Earl and Countess of Wessex, looked wonderful. The Countess usually wears one of two tiaras when attending foreign weddings – her wedding tiara or the single large aquamarine as a headpiece. For Guillaume and Stephanie’s nuptials, Sophie displayed a beaut – a stunning multi-aquamarine tiara. Not only that, but she paired it with the Queen’s King Faisal necklace. Bravo, Sophie!

The Wessexes

The Wessexes at the wedding gala dinner

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa walks into the Cathedral on the arm of her son, Guillaume. It must’ve been such a wonderful moment, full of memories of her own wedding to Grand Duke Henri in 1981.


Guillaume & his mother, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

Guillaume speaks four languages, has studied international politics, and is a lieutenant colonel in the Luxembourg army. Stephanie has studied the influence of German romanticism on Russian romanticism, and speaks fluent French and German. She has been studying Luxembourgish for her new role as the Hereditary Grand Duchess.

Congratulations to Guillaume and Stephanie! We wish them every happiness and look forward to the chapters they add to their royal family’s story.

A Luxembourg Wedding Report

A Luxembourg Wedding Report – We take a look at what to see, what to expect.

Guests arriving

The first guests are arriving. First Pictures of the security at the airport have been published where they were expecting the first guests. Another indication for this are the many official cars of the Royal Family which you can encounter all over the city. They are quiet easy to recognise with their recognition plates. They don’t have any numbers but only have the official colors of the Family (Orange & Blue)

What the people should be expecting

On Friday the official communal wedding will take place. To this occasion the public is definitely not allowed! It will be totally private only for family and maybe some friends… On the way from the palace the public will be able to see the couple and they will certainly greet the people.

During the wedding (15:30 GMT+1) the public will be shown on big screens outside movies and pictures of the couple. After the wedding they will again greet people and afterwards join family, friends, official guests as well as special guests for a toast. By special Guests i mean that the government and the couple invited a few people. The rules for getting invited where quiet simple. If you were born on the same day as they, they would invite you if you were interested. As well if you get also married this weekend, you might be one of them. Finally they invited old school friends. The couple made it very clear that they wanted young people to participate and that this was very important to them!

In the evening there will be an official banquet only for invited people. Many politicians as well as all their personal guests will take part in that dinner. And that’s it for Friday.

The big event will take place on Saturday! At 11:00 in the morning the wedding at the church will take place. This will definitely be the event of the marriage! This event will also be shown on public viewing as well as on various TV channels. After the wedding the couple will walk by foot back to the palace and this will be again a good opportunity to meet and greet them!

Finally to close the event at 20:15 there will be a huge firework which the couple will certainly also attend. Before that they wanted to meet the people in the streets but apparently this has been canceled. What they will be doing is not known yet, but it might be possible that due to the excellent weather which is being expected, they might still want to meet the people! After that the official program is over!


Follow The Luxembourg Royal Wedding

Follow the Luxembourg royal wedding with these great resources – complete with photos from two different local sources – below!


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Steve Remesch’s photostream at Flickr, which follows the work of the local police in the run-up to (as well as during) the wedding.


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Photos from my first of two sources in Luxembourg –



Wedding cypher

Wedding cypher

Wedding flag

Wedding flag

City decorations

City decorations

Church entry

Church entry

Church exit

Church exit

The Palace

The Palace

Another palace view

Another palace view

More to come on October 20th! Please stay tuned. I have some wonderful Luxembourgers contributing great content. I greatly appreciate it!

Attending The Luxembourg Royal Wedding?

royal monogram

Wedding monogram

Will you be in Luxembourg for the Royal Wedding? I am looking for a guest post/information from someone to share their thoughts and experiences. Please contact me via the form on the information page.

The wedding of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy will take place October 19th and 20th.

Monaco and Luxembourg Engagements

Royal engagement rings are usually quite delicious, and the bling on display in Monaco and Luxembourg this year are no exception.

On April 26th, Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, presented Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy with a stunning ring. Every inch of it is coated in diamonds, topped off with a 4-carat sparkler.

Monaco and Luxembourg Engagements

© Belga Photo/Eric Lalmand

Though not technically royal, Andrea Casiraghi didn’t disappoint. He proposed to Tatiana Santo Domingo, his long-time girlfriend, with a huge yellow diamond. On July 4th, Princess Caroline of Monaco publicly announced the engagement on behalf of her son.

Monaco and Luxembourg Engagements

The Santo Domingo ringo

Both rings are completely gorgeous. Which one do you prefer?

Tiara tip to: The Riviera Times

Guillaume of Luxembourg is engaged

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg is engaged to Countess Stephanie de Lannoy, from Belgium.

I watched this video of their official photos and press conference, and I have to say that the pair are absolutely adorable. Guillaume is very sweet and obviously very in love, as is Stephanie, who cuts a very elegant and regal figure. She looks like a wonderful addition to the royal Luxembourg clan!

Luxembourg silver wedding

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Grand Duke Henri and his wife, Duchess Maria Theresa
married on Valentine’s Day in 1981 after falling in love while studying in Geneva.

Celebrating with them were crowned heads and royals from all across Europe. Among the illlustrious guests were the Duke and Duchess’ five children: the heir to the dukedom, 24-year-old Guillaume; Louis, 19; Felix, 22; Alexandra, 15; and Sebastien, 14.

Nineteen-year-old Prince Louis was in the news in Europe fairly recently, as he had a son, Gabriel, with his girlfriend. They have no plans to marry.

Sovereign Splendor: Royal art and style

Everyone loves royal fashions, and I am no exception. From the Duchess of Cambridge to the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg, royal style has captivated me. This is the drawing version of my old Haute Royale from my more frequent YouTube days!

My artwork, which will be sold later in the year, is under the name Sovereign Splendor, a part of the Mandy’s Royalty family. I love drawing so I decided to incorporate royalty into my art. Check me out at my Instagram account today and tell me which royal you’d like to see next!

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