When Trump Meets Royalty

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President Donald Trump has paid a visit to the king and queen of the Belgians. 

Trump, along with his wife Melania, had a successful meeting with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, but not everyone was thrilled.
Anything to do with Trump sets Twitter on fire like a match on an open can of gasoline. I simply retweeted the Palace’s own message about the visit, and the arguing started. People began tweetimg back and forth, inadvertently including @mandysroyalty in the crossfire. 

Nothing was flung at me personally, but the conversations I happened to see via the share was a cocktail of insults. So when Trump meets Queen Elizabeth II at some point, I can sadly expect much the same social media meltdown. Perhaps even worse.

 Is it worth it to post?
Yes. Thankfully we are free to discuss and post news as well as our opinions and if I want to write about Trump meeting Lilibet when it happens, I’m going to. Two heads of state meeting for the first time is important and you will be able to see it here (and be honest: who’s going to want to miss out on a chance to get an exquisitely Prince Philip-esque remark about the whole thing?)

So when the time comes, be warned: there will be no vitriol. Debate all you want, but keep it out of the gutter and above the belt. That goes for all future Trump visits to royals.

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