Do Americans Give European Royals The Brush Off?

Do Americans give European royals the brush off? Though King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima were resplendent in their regal finery, and he being the first Dutch king in 123 years, America did not light up with interest.

CNN’s Erin Burnett discusses whether or not Americans pay much attention to anyone other than the Windsors.

Here’s what I think, and feel free to agree or disagree:

The British royals all speak English. That makes life easy for us. Unfortunately, we don’t typically have opportunities to learn other European languages other than basic French or Spanish in high school.

Plus, the coverage of the investiture was not widely reported in our media like it would be for the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, or Prince William. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima are older and more businesslike. Many Americans are pulled only by glossy Hollywood-type royals, and the media plays into that. Queen Elizabeth II is an institution all her own, and people respect her. Otherwise, the public can’t be bothered with serious monarchy; there is only interest when something scandalous or fashionable happens.

Then there was the issue of time: only the most devoted Dutch-Americans and royal watchers were up for the ceremony. Timing for live impact was nearly impossible and really exhausting. The Netherlands is 6 hours ahead, and that’s just for the Eastern U.S.!

I believe that these are some of the reasons that the Dutch royals did not garner as much interest as the British would. Or is Erin Burnett right – is our “love affair” with royalty on the way out?

Do you agree or disagree? Your thoughts in the comments below!

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