Charles and Camilla – Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia

saudiQatar and Saudi Arabia

During their visit to Qatar, the Duchess of Cornwall got a chance to visit a ground-breaking new initiative where Bedouin women are taking jobs selling phones for mobile company Vodaphone. It is a huge stride for these women, who come from male-dominated Bedouin tribes with strict cultural ideals regarding the traditional role of females.

Touching down in Saudi Arabia, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were greeted by Prince Khalid bin Bandar, the Governor of Riyadh.

While in Saudi Arabia, the royal couple attended a garden party for British expatriates. Afterwards, the Prince dined with Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz and The Duchess met with several Saudi princesses and female MPs. Camilla also got a chance to meet teachers and pupils during a visit to the Amna Mahmoud Al Jeddah Primary Independent School for Girls.


Oman was the final leg of the tour, where Charles and Camilla were greeted by Oman’s ruler, Sultan Qaboos. They stopped in Nizwa, located in the heart of Oman, which links a large part of the country. Nizwa fort is the country’s most visited national monument.

As the Royal couple toured the stronghold they were greeted by children waving Union flags and met people who were making mats and baskets.

Soon the royal pair found themselves in the middle of a group performing sword tossing and mock fighting. Charles was given a blade, as well as a shield, to take part in the dance.

The Prince was also given the chance to visit HMS Northumberland, docked in the capital Muscat. Charles awarded medals to two crew members for long service and good conduct.

The Duchess of Cornwall meanwhile was welcomed by students of the British School, on the outskirts of Muscat.

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