My Q & A with Sassi Holford, Wedding Gown Designer

Sassi Holford, the designer of Autumn Kelly’s wedding gown, kindly responded to my questions regarding her work and Kate Middleton’s potential gown style.

MandysRoyalty: Your style of wedding gown named ‘Amelia’ was worn by the lovely Autumn Kelly, wife of Peter Phillips. Did you recommend this dress to her, or did she choose this particular design?

Sassi Holford: Autumn Kelly’s gown was a bespoke couture order and not based on any
existing design. Autumn had definite ideas about the style of dress she wanted: one that would befit a society wedding but also reflect her own style and personality.

The design began with Autumn’s own style wish list and with details picked out from gowns in my London boutique. From there I created the overall design, adding my own detailing to reflect the bride and the occasion.

MR: Your sketch of a wedding gown for Kate recently appeared in the Daily Mail. Why do you feel that Kate is more “daring” than previous royal brides – her generation, or just her personality in particular? The Daily Mail sketch was very simple and elegant. It is quite the contrast to Diana’s wedding gown. Was that intentional, or is it just the times that call for a sleeker look?

SH: It is thirty years since the wedding of Charles and Diana and both times and fashions have changed considerably, not, though, sufficiently for a royal bride to be ‘daring’. But Kate Middleton is blessed with a wonderful figure and elegant ‘English rose’ looks so I would expect her to be a ‘less is more’ bride and not to indulge in any over-elaboration.

I feel that for the design to be a success it must meet the expectations of a royal wedding but also reflect the personality of a fashion conscious, intelligent, young woman.

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